Meet your dentist

Dr Victor Lee

BDS (Adel)

Dr Lee graduated from the University of Adelaide with a degree of Bachelor of Dental Surgery. Having gained experience in both private and public practices, Dr Lee has since been running his own surgery since February 2017, and been a volunteer for National Dental Rescue. Dr Lee has an utmost passion for holistic and patient centered dentistry. Dr Lee firmly believe in treating each of his patients as if they were his family and consider the kind of care he would want to receive.

Dr Lee views oral health as an integral part of general health and well being.  He believes that optimizing and encouraging the maintenance of the individual’s natural dentition will therefore achieve an optimum quality of life. Furthermore to help achieve this, Dr Lee never stops continuing to learn about new techniques, materials, and technologies to integrate into his patient care.

Our team here, at Bondi Family Dental Surgery, takes priority in your comfort and care in the dental chair, to ensure that, when you receive your treatment, you are relaxed, having the most confidence and trust in us for us to carry out your treatment. We are here to not only make a difference in your oral health in the dental chair, but also your oral health regime back at home.

Our priority, is to help each individual patient achieve the best outcome for them. We are here to listen to your concerns, and present to you with all treatment options allowing you to make an informed decision, and tailoring the treatment plan to your needs and life style, to help you achieve the best outcomes of treatment.