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Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a common procedure that ultimately improves the appearance of discoloured teeth, by bleaching the teeth to lighten their colour. The most effective and safest way to have this procedure done is by a dental practitioner, such as a dentist or an oral health therapist. 

Either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide are the active bleaching agents used in whitening products, which are legally only allowed to be used at their most concentrated and thus most effective, by registered dental practitioners. 

If you are considering teeth whitening, it is important to have a consultation with the dentist first, to see if your teeth are suitable and if you have any questions before committing to your decision of getting your teeth whitened. 

Teeth whitening is not recommended for you, if you: 

  • Have sensitive teeth
  • Have gum disease 
  • Have cracks or exposed dentine 
  • Are pregnant or exposed dentine
  • Have any existing crowns, bridges, veneers or fillings do not whiten 

There are 2 types of whitening procedures that you can choose from: 

  1. Take home whitening 
  2. In chair whitening 

Take Home Whitening 

Take home whitening consists of a 15 minute appointment, where upper and lower impressions will be taken of your teeth, so that custom trays can be made for you. About 1 week after the initial appointment your take home whitening kit will be ready for you to pick up. 

Take home whitening kit will consist of: 

  • Custom trays 
  • Whitening gels 
  • Sensitive toothpaste 
  • Instructions for whitening 

In Chair Whitening

In chair whitening will be about a 90 minute appointment, where there will be 4 cycles of 10 minutes of a higher concentration bleach, than to the take home whitening gels, applied and reapplied every cycle by a dental practitioner. 

This option can be quite uncomfortable for the majority of patients, however our dental practitioners will strive to make the appointment as comfortable as possible. For our staff to do so, please let us know if you experience any discomfort or have any questions at any point during the procedure. 

Things to be aware of prior to In Chair Whitening:

  • You may experience sensitivity 
    • the degree of sensitivity varies from person to person 
  • Gums or tongue can be irritated by the bleach
    • It may sting and the area may turn white, however this is a very temporary side effect, and resolves within an hour or 2 
    • precautions are made to reduce the likelihood of gum irritation to none 


Whitening is not permanent, the colour of your teeth can be reverted with habits such as: 

  • Drinking coffee, tea, red wine, or coke 
  • Smoking 

Whitening can make your teeth look a few shades whiter, but it is not always bright white. Whitening results vary from person to person. The results after in chair whitening are usually the brightest your teeth can get with whitening. If you are looking for whiter results and further cosmetic solutions, you may consider the option for veneers.

In-Chair WhiteningTake home whitening
Dental Visits12
Duration45 minutes 2x 15 minute
ApplicationProfessionallyAt home – approx 30 minutes everyday for 2 weeks


Dental veneers are tooth coloured materials used to design a cover over the front surface of teeth to improve the appearance. They can be designed to change the shape, colour, size and/or length of your teeth, to improve your smile.

Dental veneers are made of either a composite resin material or porcelain material. Each has their own pros and cons, therefore, a consultation with the dentist, is required first, for the dentist to hear your concerns and ideas for what you want to improve or change in your smile. The dentist will then assess if dental veneers are suitable for you, and then which material is most suitable for you or what the treatment options for you are.

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