Crown & Bridge


Dental crown is a prosthodontic restoration that involves the placement of a dental restoration to restore the function and anatomy of a tooth.The procedure of placing a dental crown, usually involves reduction of significant amount of tooth tissue, to allow adequate thickness for optimal ceramic material strength and properties. In saying so, requiring such restoration for an individual, the tooth’s functional strength is usually already compromised and weakened. 

Why you might need a crown: 

  • Cracked teeth 
  • Root Canal treated tooth 
  • Severe erosion/wear 
  • Implant crown 
  • Cosmetic purposes 

However, much like most procedures, this procedure includes certain risks and possible unsuccessful results, including possibility of failure of the crown. There are different crown materials that have their own pro’s and con’s, that includes factors like

  • aesthetic
  • cost
  • strength
  • longevity.

The best crown type and material will be chosen by the dentist as he/she sees fit, that best suits your current situation.


A bridge is a treatment option to fill in a gap where a tooth may have been previously. It usually involves putting a fake tooth (pontic) similar to a crown in the space required, which is attached to neighbouring tooth/teeth (abutment) as an anchor, in the form of a crown or a retainer.

In this diagram here, we see a ‘3 unit’ bridge, which consists of a pontic and two crowns on two abutment teeth.

This may be an option for you whether it is for aesthetic or functional reasons, however an implant can also serve the same purpose. To see which treatment option suits you best, come in for consultation with the dentist, and have all your queries answered. 

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