Dental Implants

Dental implants are a great way to replace missing teeth, made of biocompatible titanium they are fixed in bone and support a crown or be part of a bridge.

Why dental implants?

  1. Dental implants offer an opportunity to replace a missing tooth without the damage of conventional bridge or having to wear a denture
  2. Dental implants when maintained properly can help maintain bone levels and gum line leading to a more natural smile
  3. Dental implants can act as anchors to help improve stability of dentures

Before you go ahead with this procedure, the area of interest, will need to be assessed if an implant is the best option for you. Therefore, a consultation appointment will be required to assess the: 

  • Bone density 
  • Spacing 
  • Location of interest 

NOTE: We may also refer you to get some scans done before we go ahead with the treatment.  

After the implant, an implant crown is needed to be placed to complete the look and function, as if it were a natural tooth placed.

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