Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy is the treatment of a tooth with infected pulpal tissue. Pulpal tissue contains the nerve of the tooth, and an infection of it can cause  pain to the tooth, where one can experience pain upon chewing, and sensitivity to hot and cold conditions in the oral cavity. This infection can occur resulting in the development of an abscess towards the root of the infected tooth. 

An infection of the pulpal tissue can be caused by: 

  • deep tooth decay
  • trauma to the tooth
  • tooth developmental anomalies 

Root canal therapy aims to remove and disinfect the infection within the root canals in the tooth and drain the abscess at the roots, if present. 

After root canal therapy, the tooth is now considered “dead”, and may darken, in appearance, over time. Therefore, a crown is usually recommended to be placed on top of the root canal treated tooth, as the tooth is now weakened, given that there is no nutritional supply to the tooth. 

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